Sometimes it is good to go back to the basics. We often get caught up in some of the new tricks and technologies to try to make our jobs easier, and we forget some of the tried and true methods that have worked in offices through the ages. Here are some simple tips to enhance your employees’ productivity.

  1. Prioritize. Remember “To-Do Lists?” You might use them at home to make sure you remember to mow the lawn and fix a burned out light in the basement. They work for the office too. Establish deadlines for all projects and then assign them in the order of their priority. This will keep individuals from feeling so burned out that they can’t get all their projects done in time. A report that is due in three days should be ahead of a project due in a week on your office to do list. Once the first project is completed then focus can shift to the next one.
  2. Discourage Procrastination. There are a lot of reasons an employee will procrastinate on a project. They might feel overwhelmed, or they might simply be bored. Discourage putting things off to the last minute by assigning tasks to the right individuals or groups. You can subdivide projects into smaller pieces to make each section seem less daunting. Provide small incentives for completing a project on time.
  3. Plan. An undeveloped project is likely to fail. Or it will have to be redone multiple times before it is correct. Use a calendar system within your office so everyone understands how and when their assignments must be completed. Have planning meetings to flesh out the projects so no one is left with unanswered questions.
  4. Communication.  Be as clear as possible when assigning tasks. If you are unable to explain exactly what you want the end result to be, it is unlikely you will be happy with the final version of the project. Be clear, provide excellent answers, and trust the team to do a good job.
  5. Divide Tasks. Different people in your office have different talents and abilities. Work with those individual proficiencies rather than against them. Don’t give the numbers part of a project to the writer, and don’t let the accountant edit the whole thing. Managing the right people for the right tasks will result in a stronger organization.

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