Happy workers are better workers. This isn’t some sort of magic science, but just the truth of how the human mind works. They key for management is to determine exactly how to make your employees more content and happy to work for your business. Here are several tips to improve the overall attitude in your workplace.

  1. Create Community. There is a mythology in the U.S. of the “Self-Made Man” which implies that success only comes from individual achievement. However, in many cultures it has been shown that success is sweetest if it is achieved as part of a cohesive team. Community endeavors cause people to feel as though they are part of something greater than themselves. Create a culture of teamwork in your organization.
  2. All work, no play. While this is a popular saying, American business leaders don’t often believe it. We might have the attitude that if someone has time for a hobby they have too much “time on their hands.” If someone has time to engage in something fun, they should be spending that time being productive instead. This is exactly the way to create burned out employees or workaholics. Encourage your employees to have hobbies and multiple interests outside of work.
  3. Family first. It is not uncommon for American companies to have a reputation that they are anti-family. It does seem as though family relationships should be placed on the back burner in favor of successful careers. However, the opposite should be true. When you allow your employees to focus on their families when necessary, you encourage them to be more productive in the time they have at work. It is when people are distracted by life at home that it can become a problem. Allowing employees to spend time with their families for important activities or emergency situations without punishment will cut down on absenteeism and turnover.
  4. Healthy choices. Healthier people are happier people. Providing vending machines packed with junk foods and sugary sodas do nothing to curb America’s race toward epidemic obesity. Alternately, if you offer healthier options you will at least create a culture within your own organization that will encourage better choices. You may also want to offer ways to make physical activity more accessible by providing gym memberships or discounts.

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