Following up on a job lead is not always the same thing as being aggressive, but sometimes it can feel that way. Hiring managers become concerned about candidates who play the desperation card in interviews. It might be time to evaluate your own motives and reactions to find out if you are selling yourself properly on your job search. Before you give a recruiter the wrong impression think about these tips.

  1. Never lie on a resume. It is easy to think you will get away with a minor embellishment in your work history, but it is best not to try. A hiring manager is likely to contact your previous employer and if they discover inconsistencies it will call your integrity into question.
  2. It might not be the right job. Competition for interviews has been increasing over the last few years as the economy begins its slow recovery. You are one of several people the company is interviewing. The manager’s job is to pick someone who will be a good fit with their current team. They may not pick you, but all you can do is be yourself and demonstrate why you will be a great addition.
  3. Be confident not desperate. Many people have been out of a job for much longer than they expected. Things may not be looking great for your finances. However, an interview is not the right place to discuss your money troubles and can come across as begging for a job. At the same time, recruiters see a definite difference between confidence and arrogance.
  4. Have you been working for yourself? Some recruiters make the unfair connection between “unemployed” and “self-employed.” Successful independent business owners begin looking for fulltime jobs for many reasons and shouldn’t be dismissed easily. Avoid this unnecessary discrimination by using terms like “Contractor” on your resume instead.
  5. Don’t push. Initiative is desirable, but there is a line that can be easily crossed. It is okay to follow up on your application or interview but not past the point where you become a nuisance.  Recruiters will discount a candidate that they find too aggressive.

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