What does Big Data mean for the average workplace? As technology grows more and more companies are trying to focus their time and energy on whatever makes the most money. Hiring and employee relations don’t usually fit into this equation. This is truly unfortunate as the employees are the key to having a successful business but many companies don’t see it that way. Some are taking the human element out of hiring altogether by using analytics, aptitude and personality testing to make these decisions as scientific as possible. There are ways for big data and analytics to improve business. How can you use them to improve your company?

  1. Providing mobile devices. A major company, Kronos, has unveiled a tablet device for workplace management. They suggest providing these devices to employees will enhance their performance. Currently, 81% of employees already use their personal mobile device for their job. By implementing company owned devices you’re in control their experience while they are working. This can help the employee balance their work and personal life in a more efficient way.
  2. Access to data. These company owned tablets will not only allow the employee to have a better handle on their compartmentalized lives but it also provides the data for managers without creating hours of reports and paperwork. The data on these tablets or other devices will be accessible to the organization at any time. This will allow managers to spend less time on office work and more directly engaging with customers and making money for the business.
  3. All this technology actually reduces stress. Studies have shown that workplace stress not only affects an employee’s performance but also their personal lives. Stress at this level can cause extreme health concerns up to and including heart attacks. Unhappy employees are often unhappy at home and the divorce rates are higher for this demographic. On the other hand, employees who are more engaged and have a good working relationship with their managers don’t experience this level of tension in their lives. The accessibility of technology in the workplace to make their jobs easier and more efficient can help reduce stress and increase employee happiness.

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