“Green” is a big buzzword when it comes to business these days. While some people scoff at the concept and go about business as usual socially conscious companies are leading the pack in hiring the best talent on the market. Job seekers are concerned about the environment and other social issues facing the nation. Companies that embrace these concepts are more desirable. Here are three ways you can show your social consciousness in the hiring market place.

  • Green initiatives. Being environmentally aware can start small. You don’t need to implement a multi-million dollar revamp of your entire energy structure. Start with a recycling program in your office. Begin to transition into a paperless office thus creating less waste. This can grow into something bigger if you want it to. Make sure these initiatives are in your company literature, in your signature line, and on your website.
  • Promote volunteering. Encourage your entire team to participate not only in the office with recycling but beyond through volunteering. It is one thing to suggest that your employees volunteer within your community it is another to develop programs that inspire employees to do so. Many large businesses have successful volunteer programs that get the employees out into the local community to give back. Check out issues and causes in your area or partner with a local nonprofit to benefit something meaningful to you or to your team. If you pick a cause that is personal more people will sign up to help.
  • Make employee issues your issues. Transparency is another important topic for any business. Employees don’t want to work with a secretive management team that keeps them in the dark about their programs and processes. On top of that, they want to know that their voices are being heard. When an employee has an idea that can change the way you do business truly consider it. This allows for your team to understand that you are responsible not only to your final product but to them as individuals.

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