Social media has become a must have tool for successful recruiters. It is important to understand how the job search landscape is changing and follow the job seekers to where they already are. There are no easy answers for how and when to use social media for recruiting, but there are 6 strategies that you can explore to help optimize it for your company.

  1. Create a job feed. The quickest and easiest way to reach candidates to make sure that your new job postings are being pushed to job seekers automatically. You can work with your Human Resources Information Systems to make sure your applicant tracking software also has a method for publishing jobs to the web without a command from you. If you aren’t sure about this step, contact your trusted staffing experts at Harvard Resource Solutions.
  2. Build relationships. There is more to social recruiting than promoting your jobs online. It is about developing relationships with potential future candidates. Using Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter to their full potential means engaging with job seekers, answering questions, and ultimately driving traffic to your website and careers page.
  3. Connect to passive candidates. Many subject matter experts are using social media to connect to peers and share their knowledge online. These are the perfect targets for your upcoming jobs. Before they ever realize they are looking for a new position they can be persuaded to work for your organization, especially if you’ve developed a rapport with them online.
  4. Collaboration and education. Connect with other blogs and websites that do what you do. They can be a great source of news and information that you can then share with your candidate base. Participate in industry conversations to develop relationships and share your expertise online.
  5. Build your brand. According to the website Hubspot, 71% of consumers make purchasing decisions based on their social media interaction. To maximize your presence online make sure you have a Facebook Page, Twitter, and LinkedIn account and keep them consistently branded across the board. Provide a place where people know at a glance who you are and what you do.
  6. Listen and respond. It is also important to consistently monitor your social media. You want to be able to respond to all comments both good and band. You want to be able promote the good things that people are saying about you online while you can respond to the negative feedback and hopefully make a situation better. Get involved in your own conversation.

Are you looking for more social media ideas? Talk to the recruiters at Harvard Resource Solutions to see how we can help you! 

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