A job description and a job post are often mistaken for the same thing. When you’re advertising your positions on line it is easy to copy the corporate job description word for word and expect qualified people to send their resumes. However, it is very important to re-evaluate the way we craft job descriptions to attract the very best talent. Here are some ways to improve your job descriptions.

  1. Physical requirements. This may seem like something that is necessary to include so you manage employees’ expectations from the start, but there are ways to make the section better.  It is important to make sure that you physical requirements don’t make it sound like you are micromanaging every last break or whether or not someone can get up from their desk to stretch. Really look at the how physical requirements apply to the position you’re writing and only include those that are necessary for experience or legal disclaimers. If the position requires heavy lifting, include that. If the position is desk based, candidates are probably familiar with the requirements.
  2. Exhaustive list of duties. You don’t need to create a laundry list of every possible function that this person will, or may, have to undertake in this position. Focus on the results that are expected for this role. Be clear about how this role interacts with the clients and the organization as a whole and allow a superstar to make it happen the best way they know how. Creating an exhaustive list can actually backfire on you and create the dreaded “It isn’t in my job description,” scenario.
  3. Allow for creativity. Some people lament that innovation in the American workplace is declining. This is because we have created a culture where managers feel they need to oversee every aspect of an employee’s day. Allow your employees to determine creative solutions to problems and encourage innovation. If you feel confident that you have hired talented individuals you should give them the space and freedom to solve problems within your organization.
  4. Why write one at all? Job descriptions are considered important for keeping your Human Resources department legally compliant with modern employment laws. Assuming that no one is going to read their own job description implies that you don’t even believe it is important. Approach the process differently. Make the job description readable and interesting even for outside sources. If you start with a good job description you can easily create excellent job postings to attract the best candidates.

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