As a job seeker you may be looking for expert advice for your next interview. What if we told you that the formula was pretty simple? There are five key things you need to know before your next meeting with a potential employer.

  1. Research. As soon as you get off the phone with the person scheduling your interview it is your turn to start preparing. There are several things you should research before you meet with the hiring manager or recruiter. You need to learn about the company and about the specific job requirements. You may be able to get information from the job description or posting but you should be conducting in depth research as well. Look at LinkedIn to see other people who have similar job titles. Look at the company profile. Reach out to individuals who work there to get an understanding of the job, the company, and the needs.
  2. Assess your skills. Once you have researched the company it is time to look at your resume and skills again. Talk with a friend or other unbiased person about your resume, skills, and experience to see what it is you should stress to the potential employer. Consider some of the accomplishments that you can share that will demonstrate your worth as a candidate.
  3. Associate your experience. Another important step is to understand how your experience fits in with the job. Because your resume was chosen there is already something that sparks the interviewer’s interest so try to match what you know about the job to your background. Review the job description and your experience while asking yourself the question, “how can I solve their most pressing problems?” Share information about how you have assisted previous employers in similar roles. Show that you can be of service.
  4. Be positive. Having the right attitude is more than half of the battle when it comes to interviews. Never speak poorly about a previous employer. Never express your frustration with your continued job search. It is your responsibility to show the potential employer that you will be an excellent candidate for the job and that you will work well with their team. A little confidence and positivity can do a very long way.
  5. Elevator pitch. Finally, take a page out of the marketing handbook and design a 30 second elevator pitch for yourself. This is a simple mission statement that in just a few sentences can tell a hiring manager why you are an excellent candidate. Showcase your best qualities and your skills. This is the perfect response to the question “Tell me about yourself.”

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