Hiring is often treated as an impulse purchase with decisions being made on the spot. Many hiring managers subscribe to the line of thinking that they’ll “know it when they see it.” You may meet a candidate who fits all of the qualifications and gives all of the right answers and you feel like you can’t afford to wait. In this scenario it may not take long after the candidate has started working to realize that you’ve made a big mistake. Rather than making quick hiring decisions it is important to alter your mindset to treat hiring like an investment. Here are some tips to improve the success of your hiring process.

  1. Create benchmarks with consistent interviews. Before you begin to interview for the position create a list of “must ask” questions that will give you a way to compare and contrast answers given. Don’t only focus on their experience but also ask behavioral questions that will assess their soft skills. By asking a series of questions to each candidate you will have a way to compare and contrast answers. After you’ve completed all the interviews go back and look at each candidate’s answers and see who stood out with their answers.
  2. Conduct pre-employment screening. Another way to determine eligibility across the board is to institute a drug and background check policy for your company. It is important to pre-screen each candidate you are considering for employment. This assessment can help you determine if their fit with your company policy and culture. To reduce your costs you may wish you partner with a local staffing company who typically provides these services as part of their recruiting process.
  3. Be sure to check their references.  Reference checking can be hit or miss in today’s market. Many companies have policies that only allow them to verify the dates of employment. However, references will give you a big picture look at the candidate so it is important to gather as much information as possible. Ask the candidate for contact information of former co-workers or supervisors who may not be bound by corporate policy. Review the candidate’s LinkedIn profile to read the recommendations. A staffing company can also assist with this process.
  4. Supply proper training. Your responsibility doesn’t end once the offer is accepted. When asked, many former employees indicate that a lack of training or support was their primary reason for failure. Once you have extended the offer it is important to work closely with them to make the onboard process smooth. Take time to understand their personal learning style and work with them to ensure that they are successful in their new department.

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