Okay, with summer on the way out and winter coming before you know it is time to shake the dust out of your current job search and try some new ideas. It is easy to become frustrated while looking for a job. Sending your resume into a black hole and never hearing back from your last interviewing can be enough to make you want to quit. Whatever you do, don’t quit. There are things you can do to breathe life back into your search. If you’ve been concerned about your job hunt standing still here are a few ideas to kick start your search for the last quarter of 2013.

  • Reevaluate your strategy and set new goals. The job market is highly competitive today. With so many qualified people contending for limited open jobs it is more difficult than ever before to get an interview, let alone a job offer. Sometimes it isn’t that you don’t have the skills to succeed but that you’ve been looking in all the wrong places. Take a step back and look at what you’ve been doing so far. It may be time to change your strategy.  Maybe you aren’t aiming high enough. Create two lists: one of your skills and abilities and one of your dreams and ideals. Then start making matches that can lead you to the right career path.
  • Revamp your cover letter and resume. It may be time to look at your marketing materials. Yes, marketing materials. Your cover letter and resume is the very first thing that employers see and they must represent you fully to engage the hiring manager and encourage them to call you. Start by taking out anything unnecessary. As a rule of thumb your resume only needs to go back 10 years. Then review your job history? Do you have a bullet list of your duties? You may want to trade these for a list of your accomplishments instead.
  • Network in your community. It is true: it is not what you know but who you know. It is important that you get out into the community and within your industry to make connections with companies and individuals who can help you. Start by attending local events. Know that best way be helped is to be helpful. Offer your knowledge and expertise to your new connections and you will gain their trust. Face to face networking is very important but don’t overlook social networking. Work on expanding your LinkedIn profile and expand your online network.

Are you looking for more ideas to kick start your job search for the rest of 2013? If you are looking for jobs in Troy MI, contact HRSUS today.

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