In today’s highly competitive market companies need to step up their games when it comes to hiring the best talent and retaining super stars. Keeping your team motivated and happy on the job is incredibly important. The cost of replacing an employee is far higher than retention. He are three simple ways you can improve your workplace and engage your employees.

  1. Flexible hours. Some companies have made headlines recently for retracting their work from home policies. However, many experts still believe that flexibility with schedules is a great way to keep employees engaged. There are a number of ways to implement it in your own business. You can offer work from home opportunities that are either full or part time. You can offer a flexible start and end schedule so employees can avoid the worst traffic or be able to drop off or pick up kids from school. There are even ways you can create a results oriented workplace where employees can complete their work at their own pace as long as deadlines are met and the quality is retained.
  2. Non-monetary benefits. The salary and the healthcare your company provides are just a small portion of the benefits you can offer your employees. You may wish to extend supplemental benefits such as discounted or free gym memberships, summer hours such as Fridays off, or casual workplace dress codes. Creating a better break room environment with healthy snacks and access to games or books can also give your employees a place to rest and recharge throughout the day.
  3. Allow for collaboration. There are many personality types that make up your office staff. Some of them absolutely thrive in a collaborative situation. Don’t deny your team the ability to work together with other members of the organization. Create open work spaces where employees can share information and work together. Reward your team for developing innovating new ideas that can enhance your product or procedures.

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