Interviewing is both an art and a science. It is important to be prepared before your first face to face meeting with a potential employer. A company is looking for more than just the skills and experience it takes to perform the job; they want to hire someone with the right attitude. There are some tried and true methods to help you build confidence before your next interview so spend some time preparing. Here are three ways you can do just that.

  1. Practice does make perfect. Before your interview ask a friend or family member to help you practice. Provide them with the job description, your resume, and some question ideas to role play the interview. This will give you an opportunity to gage your reaction times, your body language, and how you answer common questions. Ask them for feedback and suggestions for improving your presentation.
  2. Review the company website. Just as you expect the interviewer to have reviewed your resume before the meeting, they are relying on you to do your own homework. Before the interview, read through all of the online information you can find from their website to LinkedIn profiles of managers in the department. You may even Google the company to discover news articles and other reports about their organization online. Use this information to demonstrate how much you know about the company and why you want to work with them.
  3. Make notes of important talking points. It is okay for you to bring notes with you to the interview. There are things you want to make sure you share that may not come up in the typical line of questioning. This will show the interviewer that you are prepared and organized. Offer these ideas during the conversation. It is also a good idea to write down any questions you want to ask them while in the interview.

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