If you have had any sort of administrative support background you may be wondering what types of careers are available to you? Many organizations need individuals who can handle this administrative function. If you’re in the market for executive support roles or other secretarial jobs here is a short list of things that might work for you.

  • Private corporations. A private corporation with executive leadership is often looking for candidates who can keep the CEO or President on track while maintaining extreme professionalism in the office. Organizational skills, ability to manage calendars, communication skills, and making a good impression are essential to these roles.
  • Academic institutions. Administrative support roles within colleges and universities often have a different focus. You may be the assistant for a head of a department or for a student services division. For these roles it is important to have a full understanding of the universities values and be able to promote them as part of your position.
  • Small business. Within a small business, start up, or entrepreneurial endeavor an executive assistant may have a more casual but no less essential role in the origanization. Often this individual is a “catch-all” for everything not conducted by the business owner. The ability to be flexible, change directions at a moment’s notice, and represent the owner in the best light are the most important qualities.
  • Local government. An admin within a local government office is generally more bound by specific procedures. Much of the role will depend precisely on which focus of government your office serves. You may be responsible for communications with other departments or with the general public. Organizational and procedural skills will be most the most important qualities that a government admin can bring to the table.
  • Temporary services. Businesses of any sort, including each of the categories above, will often need additional assistance for projects, leaves of absence, or other circumstances. Working with a staffing agency can provide you a flexible schedule and the ability to choose which projects you want to take and how long you want to work. Any position from a one day receptionist to a 3 month maternity leave covering for an executive assistant can be considered.

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