Today’s best tool for job seekers lies within the well-crafted LinkedIn profile. Users to can tap into networks and attract decision makers have a shot at landing their perfect opportunity. LinkedIn offers job seekers a wide variety of ways to showcase skills and achievements right int their own profiles. Making use of these options is one of the best ways to draw views to your profile and encourage others to reach out to you. To share what you can offer as a professional administrative assistant consider adding these three types of media to your LinkedIn profile.

  1. Slides of your achievements. is a website where you can upload any presentation, such as one designed on PowerPoint, to share publically. Create a slideshow that uses visual media and graphics to describe your career accomplishments. For example, one slide could demonstrate how your organizational skills improved your department’s productivity and allowed the organization to save money over all. Another slide might show your skills with Microsoft Excel or Word. Be creative but be informative. Adding these to your profile gives hiring managers an interactive look at your experience.
  2. Video resume or presentation. YouTube is one of the most visited sites on the web. You can tap into that network by sharing a video directly on your LinkedIn profile. Offering a video engages your reader on a different level than just reading your information. Be creative about your video options. You don’t just have to record yourself standing in front of a wall talking about your experience. Put together a visual representation of your work, your skills, and your accomplishments.
  3. Online articles or blogs. One of the biggest advantages any candidate can have in the market today is to position themselves as an industry leader. This means creating and maintaining a blog. Develop a blog where you can share your experience, services, and expertise. A solid blog will be updated consistently, experts suggest once a week. It will also feature evergreen content that will attract new readers. Keep the site to an 80/20 ratio: 80% practical information about your subject matter and 20% self-promotion. Provide a link on your LinkedIn profile to your blog so interested readers can access it easily.

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