As a Michigan business owner you have most likely considered working with a staffing service to help you with your hiring needs. If you have not worked with a recruiter before, what concerns do you have about their services? Knowing the benefits of your local recruiting agency is an important component for your decision. Let’s look at the top things a staffing service can offer your business.

  1. Savings of both time and money. Hiring a new employee can get expensive quickly. You have to take into account the price of advertising and screening along with the cost of the new hire. And if the job remains unfilled, how much money is your company losing? You also need to consider the time you and your managers are spending on the process. A recruiter will handle the advertising and prescreening costs as part of their service. Their time is dedicated to the initial interviews and will only submit prescreened employees for your review. They will also be available for consultation on the employee performance once you have selected a candidate.
  2. A wide and deep pool of resources. Recruiters are in the business of creating networks. They have access to individuals local to the southeast Michigan area who are already qualified for administrative services. They may even already know the perfect candidate for your opportunity after your first meeting. Allowing a recruiter to focus on their job of sourcing qualified candidates gives you the time to focus on running your business.
  3. Understanding your business. A staffing service knows that different industries will have different hiring requirements. A service that specializes in administrative support or related jobs has an advantage for finding the right people. Executive support, technology, customer service, and accounting are just a sample of the jobs requiring specialized skills. Recruiters have experience tapping into these resources.
  4. Beyond the interview. A trusted staffing partner becomes a consultant throughout the hiring process. They can counsel temporary employees after they begin work. The recruiter is part of the 90 day review process as you get to know the new employee and decide if they are right for the position long term. If you determine a candidate is not right for you, the recruiter can end the assignment and find a replacement.

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