Are you ready for a new career? There is a lot of advice available online about how to update social media, change your resume, and network but how can you ensure that your dream company recognizes you as a viable candidate? Surely you’ve created your list of top companies you would like to work for so now your job is to get noticed. Here are a few tips to help you get started.

  • Be professional online, over the phone, and in person. The first step is to clean up your social media. Make sure that anything a potential employer sees online is professional. Polish your online reputation, make sure LinkedIn reflects your current resume, and never post anything you don’t want an employer to see. Be professional and courteous on any phone conversations or in person meetings. This is especially true with the receptionist or any other employee you may meet.
  • Ask for a meeting. Many jobs seekers are worried that it will be seen as an imposition if you reach out directly. On the contrary. Companies like to see someone who has initiative and confidence. For example, if you will be attending a conference reach out to the company ahead of time and schedule an informal face to face meeting.
  • Don’t wait to update your resume. Lots of people wait until they are on the job market to update their resume. This can be a major rookie mistake. You may forget some of your most important accomplishments if you’re not writing them down. Keep a list of the things you’re particularly proud of and add them to your resume as you go. Remember to delete anything that is out of date.
  • Be accountable to someone. Have you ever heard of an accountability group? This is a group of individuals whom you trust who can help you accomplish your goals. Let your inner circle know what you’re working on and keep them updated on your progress. This will allow you to focus on your goals and have someone to report back to.
  • Write a killer cover letter. Your resume may be considered a first impression, but the real selling point will be your cover letter. If you’re sending your resume to your dream job you will want to include an impressive email to convince them to read the attachment. Introduce yourself, explain why you are interested in their organization, and describe a couple of things that will make them interested.
  • Market yourself as an inbound candidate. A buzzword popular among job seekers today is “inbound candidate.” The idea is to target your ideal employers, networking in the community to meet with them, and sell yourself as if you are the very product they have been looking for to improve their business. Show them how you can be an added value to their organization.

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