Using LinkedIn effectively isn’t a big secret, but some of the tips and tricks can be hard to find if you’re not familiar with the site. If you’re seeking an administrative job in Michigan, LinkedIn is the perfect tool to work with. Here are 4 hidden LinkedIn hacks that can help you maximize the site and find your next job.

  1. Maximize your headline. The headline is the first thing anyone sees when your name comes up in a search result. To use it to its fullest potential it is important to customize it based on the job that you want, not the last job that you had. For example, if you’re in the market for an executive level administrative support position you may write your headline like this, “Professional Administrative Assistant | 10 years’ experience supporting managers and C-Level executives. Calendar management, organization, and strong MS Office skills.”
  2. Make more connections. LinkedIn, like most online networks, is a for-profit venture. This means their goal is to sell their premium accounts to as many users as possible. They make it difficult, but not impossible, to connect with people who are not already in your 3-tier network. Rather than shelling out the bucks for a premium account, review the groups of the leaders you want to connect with. Then join those groups. Once you are part of a group, you are part of the extended network and can send LinkedIn invites to anyone who shares it with you.
  3. Participate in groups. Joining groups is just the first step in successfully navigating LinkedIn. The next step is participation. The more you participate in groups where your key contacts are involved, the higher your status will be. Provide valuable content that doesn’t over sell the self-promotion. Helpfully answer questions posed by other group members when you have expertise to contribute. If you get elevated to top contributor status, you will be noticed by employers looking for individuals with your skills and abilities.
  4. Leave on activity broadcasts. Like Facebook, LinkedIn has a set of privacy controls that you can turn on and off. Activity broadcasts alert all of your followers whenever you make a change to your profile. Most users turn this off, but if you leave it on you will get more active views for your profile. People online are curious and if they see the alert, “Nora Peterson updated her profile,” they are likely to view your information to see what changed.

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