The resumes have been reviewed, the interviews conducted, and you are ready to make an offer. Before you can fire off the email you learn that your star candidate has accepted another job and is no longer available. Why did this happen? Understanding the reasons behind these kinds of decisions by potential employees is the only way to prepare for changes in the job market. Did your hiring process actually drive the candidate away? Here are a few reasons you may be losing out on great candidates.

  • No feedback. Regardless of whether you’re recruiting in-house or through a staffing agency, candidate feedback is a critical issue for employers. Rushing to a decision is also not advised, but a lack of communication will drive employees away from your company quickly. During the process share your feedback and where you are with a decision to your recruiters or candidates. Don’t keep interviewing dozens of candidates saying you’ll “know it when you see it.” Job seekers are not waiting for your callback. They are continuing to interview and will take another job.
  • No sales pitch. While you may be expecting a candidate to sell themselves and their skills to you, what your company has to offer is equally as important. Your business needs to be competitive in terms of compensation, benefits, or flexible work schedules or your superstar candidates will accept positions with other companies. Determine if your offerings meet the needs of employees on the market. Review your salary structure, work/life balance, and additional benefits you can offer.
  • Partner with professional recruiters. Your local employment agencies has already done the work sourcing, pre-screening, and employing a variety of candidates who may fit your needs. You can concentrate on running your business while a dedicate recruiter can handle the entire hiring process for you. Follow up with each step to help them narrow down the choices and select the right candidate for you. You can also choose a temp to hire solution to work with the candidate before making a permanent job offer.

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