Your resume is the ticket that gives you access to potential employers. This is your chance to make the right first impression. If it does not contain the necessary information, it may be disregarded before you’re given a chance to prove your worth. Before you allow this to happen, review your resume and make sure it contains the most important information that employers are looking for. Here are four things you need to include in your resume.

  1. Does this resume match the job requirements? Much of the resume advice you can find on the internet today suggests that you need to customize each resume for each employer. The hiring manager is looking for a candidate who matches their job requirements. When you review a job posting use this as a starting point for your custom resume. Determine how to incorporate the general language of the ad into your experience. However, use this information as a guideline and don’t copy it word for word.
  2. Do you have dates of employment in your job history? Employers want to see that you are reliable and professional. They will look at how long you worked at each job as well as for any gaps in employment. Don’t leave this information off in an attempt to make up for any undesirable information. This will be an immediate red flag. Instead, include temp work, volunteer work, or other projects as part of your job history.
  3. Have you considered your resume format? Resume reviewers need to be able to glance at a page and see the information they’re looking for quickly. Complicated formatting, fancy fonts, and large paragraphs will stand in their way and you may be disregarded because of it. Lists and bullets help draw the eye to important information. Keep the format and font simple.
  4. Have you pointed out your significant accomplishments? Resumes use to be a simple list of experience but times have changed. Employers want to see the information that sets you apart from your competition. Rather than listing your duties for each job replace them with accomplishments. For example instead of “Accounts Receivables” say, “Responsible for ensuring payment from all customers. Received 95% of payments on time without needing to send accounts to collections.”

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