Did you know that over 97% of recruiters turn to LinkedIn to source candidates for their open jobs? If you haven’t created your LinkedIn profile or haven’t put too much thought into what you’ve written, now might be the perfect time to revisit the site. The algorithms on LinkedIn allow users to search based on keywords. It is important to know what administrative-specific words to choose and where to put them. Here is a guide for you to optimize your administrative LinkedIn profile.

  1. Identify the best keywords. When you think about what words to use in your profile try to put yourself in the recruiter’s shoes. While you may prefer certain words to describe your job or experience, what words would a recruiter use to source a candidate with your particular skills? In general they will concentrate on special skills, titles, and locations. For example, you may wish to use Administrative Support or Administrative Assistant along with your specific city like Troy or skill like calendar management.
  2. Optimize your headline. The headline is the first thing, along with your professional profile picture, that a recruiter will see in their search results. It defaults to your most recent job title but you don’t have to leave it that way. Click to edit it in your profile and create a concise statement that will draw the reader in. For example: “Administrative Support Specialist | 10+ years’ experience with executive level support, calendar management, and travel arrangements.”
  3. Optimize your summary. This section can be as long as 2000 words. You want to use as many of them as you can to tell your story. Use plenty of searchable keywords here but be sure they support your narrative. Don’t simply add keywords for the sake of adding them. Add data that can support your experience as well.
  4. Choose your job titles for the keywords. You may have had a very specific job title for your last company. It is important for the sake of reliability to include these in your profile. However, they may not be as keyword rich as you would like them to be. To include both edit your job titles like this: “Executive Administrative Assistant | Administrative Support Specialist for CEO.” This allows you to have similar keywords that may attract more views such as Executive and CEO.

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