As you’re searching for a job it can be frustrating when you don’t get calls back from employers when you felt you were an absolutely perfect. It helps to have some insight from experts to explain why you might not be hearing back from potential employers. Here are four of the top reasons you’re not getting calls back.

  1. Mistakes on your resume. Recruiters and hiring managers receive sometimes hundreds of resumes for an open job. They have to make some quick decisions to narrow down the choices. A resume with easy spelling mistakes, typos, or poor grammar will be among the first to be discarded. Always proof your resume before sending it.
  2. Inappropriate social media. Like it or not, businesses are checking public social media before considering candidates for their open positions. Evaluate your Facebook privacy settings to ensure employers can’t find information you would only share with friends and family. Twitter, because of its public nature, needs to be reviewed and kept professional at all times.
  3. You’re not qualified. When reviewing resumes companies are looking for the specific keywords that will demonstrate to them the candidate is qualified to perform the job at hand. Without this experience on the resume you will not likely be considered for the open position. Only apply to positions for which you are qualified and customize your resume to reflect the requirements necessary.
  4. The persistence paradigm. Some people are not called back because they aren’t persistent enough and some are too persistent. It is important to know when and how to follow up but also not cross a line. Go ahead and call the hiring manager within a week of your interview to see where they are in the process. Do not call every day.

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