You may be in the process of searching for new talent or for a skilled professional to fit an existing role. Hiring is not a simple process. Have you thought about partnering with a local staffing company? A poor decision can be costly and affect morale of your other employees. Working with a staffing agency can take some of the guess work out of this experience. Here are a few things to convince you to consider partnering with a staffing service right here in Troy.

  • Local talent pool. An agency’s entire business is searching for, pre-screening, and vetting candidates to send on client jobs. Recruiters have access to local job seekers who each bring different skills to the table. When you contact an agency they will get to know your business to find the right fit for your company environment. They may even already know candidates who would be an excellent addition to your team.
  • Expanding the network. Agencies also build strong networks with other businesses and professional organization in the greater Detroit area. They have learned the art of seeking the passive candidates who may not be looking for a job but are willing to accept one if it is the right opportunity at the right time. This process can bring fresh talent into your office.
  • Personalized service. Your staffing account manager wants to provide personalized service to your business. They know there is no one-size-fits-all solution. They will schedule a face to face meeting to get to know you, your team, and your office environment. This gives them a good perspective on how to go about recruiting the best talent for you.
  • Continued support. The agency’s role isn’t over when the assignment starts. Your recruiters or account managers can work with you throughout the process. You have a chance to see how the candidate is working out on a temp to hire basis before you make a final decision. They can also provide human resources insight.

Do you want to partner with a local staffing agency? Contact Harvard Resource Solutions staffing agencies in Troy MI to learn more!