You may have started to notice that your employees are feeling the summertime blues. They may be showing signs of being overworked or anxious about spending time anywhere but cooped up in the office. The lazy day of summer can breed inactivity. How can you avoid summer burnout in your office? Here are some ideas to keep your employees engaged this time of year:

  1. Summer schedule. There are a few ways you can offer your employees extra time off during the summer without sacrificing production. Allow your team to work four 10-hour days. They can be off on Fridays or – if you need coverage – stagger their days throughout the week. Offering work from home options may also be a way to motivate employees in the summer.
  2. Summer parties and picnics. Invite all of your employees and their spouses to a one day or weekend-long summer party. This gives everyone an opportunity to socialize outside of work. Plan team building activities – but don’t over plan. This should be a fun and relaxing event for everyone.
  3. Do the unexpected. People love to be rewarded for their accomplishments in the office but even that can become predictable. Instead, add fun and quirky surprises throughout the summer. Give someone an award for bringing their lunch from home rather than going to a local fast food place. How about a prize for best parking job or most family photos at their desk?
  4. Provide volunteer opportunities. Your employees like to know that their company is committed to the community. There is no better way to do this than to participate in volunteer activities. Talk to your team about organizations they would want to support. Set up a volunteer project or a fund raiser. A fun way to raise money for a local charity is offer a chance to wear jeans on Friday for a $2.00 weekly donation.

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