Together we can achieve the perfect fit

The Harvard Resource Solutions difference is in the service we provide. You’ll always work with recruiters specialized in the field they place and in the staffing and recruitment practice. Your single point of contact will deliver quality matches and handle all orders, questions and concerns.

Our team can help you with:

  • Job description development
  • Last-minute staffing needs
  • Hard-to-fill positions
  • Resolving excessive turnover
  • Quickly finding high-quality candidates

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Adapt your workforce to the varying demands of your business. Our temporary staff is well-qualified, vetted and available for vacations and other absences as well as demand crunches.


Try a Harvard Resources Employee at your location to assess their skills and how well they fit into your organization before you decide to make an employment offer.

Direct hire

Improve your hiring results and retention. Choose from only the best of the candidates we find without spending valuable time attracting and screening tough-to-find top people