Working with the Harvard Resource Solutions team delivers the options I need when I need it. The team works to understand our business and the role so the candidates presented are at the right level and ready to step in and perform..


Harvard Resource Solutions has been a wonderful partner in our MSP program, very communicative and consultative. Our Account Manager at HRS always comes through when we have an urgent need and knows the right questions to ask to make sure he can get quality candidates for whatever need we have. He’s been very adaptable and reliable within our multiple programs.


When it comes to staffing there are many companies that talk a good game, but Harvard Resource Solutions and the team make it happen. They have enabled me to focus on the day to day operations that I have to deal with while they do all the leg work to find suitable employees to fit the job at hand. They even go above and beyond by handling urgent issues after hours on their own time. They make you sure that they are as invested in your business as you are.


I want to thank the staff at Harvard Resources for the excellent work performed in recruiting staffing solutions for my Financial call center. The level of professionalism and attention to detail made interviewing and processing new talent a pleasure. Several of the candidates referred successfully transitioned from temporary to permanent positions which truly reflects not only their work acumen, but your gift to locate the right candidates that matched my call center’s needs. Your company truly exemplifies high standards of staffing excellence. You exceeded my customer service expectations, and I will continue recommend Harvard for staffing needs in the future.


I’ve been employed by Harvard Resources for at least 10 years now and they have been an excellent  Employer.  The Staffing Team is awesome from the Office Coordinator to the Director of the group- prompt, professional and on point.   The Director is phenomenal as she works very well/close with her employees.  Harvard Resources make you feel like a person NOT as a number.  They have placed me on  several jobs and I am acknowledged for my good work  – it makes you feel good to know that you’re appreciated. I strongly recommend and have recommend Harvard Resources to friends, they have truly been a blessing.


I am writing to say thank you to the staff at Harvard; from the minute I walked into the office I received a warm welcome from the Receptionist, as she started me with my paperwork seated me in a conference room. I started a temporary position – almost immediately – I have been nothing but satisfied.  Their process is friendly, informative, professional and efficient. This is a welcome change, in my career life with the new trend finding work – I have referred several other candidates that are seeking work to reach out to Harvard – I am sure they are in good hands such as I was in.

Once again, many thanks to the staff at Harvard. I am a full-time employee with a great company, I could not have done this without the assistance of Harvard Resource Solutions.


Harvard Resource Solutions contacted me for a role at a Company I wouldn’t have considered, and it turned out to be one of the best moves in my career.  I would not hesitate to recommend Harvard to anyone looking for not just a job, but a stable career.  They were very helpful and professional throughout the process.


Because of Harvard Resource Solutions and my recruiter, I am working in my field of study. I will always be appreciative of them for selecting me for their Client because it has led me to where I am now. Thank you again for everything, and I will send good people your way


I would like to take a moment to thank Harvard Resource Solutions and my recruiter for allowing me to have such a gracious experience working for them at their Client. I would also like to express my gratitude to my recruiter for always being available and resourceful to any questions or concerns I may have.  I am looking forward to returning back to their Client this fall where I can represent Harvard Resource Solutions and my recruiter by continuing to express empathy and professionalism through my work performance.  Thank you again.


It was a pleasure working with my recruiter, she and the Harvard Resource team are very dedicated people. From day one of my interview process, she advised me of the opportunities that were available. Once a match was made with my current employer, Harvard checks in at least once a week to make sure things are going good. She and Harvard Resource Solutions are very professional and involved with their staff. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a job opportunity or a company looking for a dedicated staffing agency.