Applying for a job in human resources is an interesting exercise. You need to position yourself as the best candidate but at the same time communicate with the individuals who will eventually be your professional peers or managers. When you send over your resume the best weapon you have to draw the right attention to your experience is your cover letter. Here is the best way to construct a cover letter that will attract the right attention and land you your next HR job.

  1. Create a compelling introduction. As you know, HR departments read countless cover letters on a regular basis so you want to make sure that yours stands out as a candidate who can become one of their peers. You want them to read past the opening paragraph so find a way to introduce yourself that is professional but exciting and will generate real interest.
  2. Describe your qualifications based on the job description. While you are qualified for human resources you want to specific that you are qualified for their specific job opening. Match your skills to the requirements in the job posting and focus on those. Be the solution to their problems and show them that they need to hire you and only you in order to get the qualifications they are really looking for.
  3. Share one or two accomplishments. You also want to demonstrate your value to the company. Talk about successes from your past employers. Quantify your performance in any way you can by talking about your accomplishments in terms of money saved, people hired, or time it took to solve a problem. This is the kind of information that will tell an HR department that you are the right person for their job.
  4. Reinforce your interest and contact information. In your final paragraph make sure you reiterate your interest in working for their specific company. They don’t want to hire someone who wants just any job, they want to hire someone who wants to work with them specifically. Also, even if your phone number and email address is in your signature or on the attached resume, restate it to make it easier for them to find and contact you immediately.

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