Hiring for the right skills and experience is only part of the process when it comes to making sure your new employee is a good fit for the company. The candidate’s personality and their ability to work with your existing team is just as important. While it is easy to screen and even test for skills, determining if someone has the right personality for your company is a little more complex.

Here are some things you can keep in mind during the interview and hiring process to make the best decision for your team.

Ask creative questions.

Are you trying to find out how quickly a candidate thinks on their feet? Ask them fun questions that are designed to determine who they are as a person but with no concrete right or wrong answers. These questions can be things like, “Tell me about your favorite boss and why you loved working for them,” or “What was the last thing you posted on Twitter?”

Assess how competitive they are.

Competition has its place in the office, but not when it comes to working with others. You want to determine if they are the type of person to get what they want at the expense of others. Will they be too bossy? Will they step on other people’s toes? Will they take credit for work that isn’t theirs?

Look for genuine answers.

Of course, today’s job candidates are expecting some curve-ball questions, and many have been coached on how to answer. This means that some of them will be very disingenuous when they answer, and it is your job to determine the difference. If they are answering these questions using buzzwords or line by line descriptions of the job you’re offering they may not be presenting their real personality in the interview.

Have the team interview them.

One of the best ways to determine whether or not a candidate has the best personality for the job is to give the people they’ll be working with directly a chance to talk with them. You will be able to see how the candidate interacts with potential co-workers, and you’ll also be able to get the perspective from your trusted employees. Compare notes before making a final hiring decision.

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