When you start the hiring process to fill a new position, you are looking for someone who has the skills to match and the accomplishments to prove that they will be a good fit. Some people are masters at interviewing, but lack the ability to back up their claims once they start working. Hiring the best candidate isn’t always about hiring the person who had the best interview. Let’s take a closer look at the hiring process, and what to really look for in a new candidate.

  • Evaluate everything from the interview to the references. Some people really know how to turn on the charm in the interview, but this doesn’t necessarily mean they will be the best fit with your company. They may also not have the skills they say they do. Never hire anyone on the spot. Review their skills, complete their references, and then make a decision based on the good of your team.
  • Review their soft skills in relation to your current team. One important, but overlooked, tool when it comes to evaluating new employees is their soft skills. These are usually personality traits that can’t be trained. What are they like in terms of their communication skills? How do they work in team environments? How much initiative do they have? Are they innovative or heads-down workers?
  • Consider using skill and personality assessment tools. Another great tool that far too many companies don’t make use of is personality assessments. There are multiple types available online for free. Make sure you are using a test that has been validated. You may wish to work with an organization or a trainer that has skills in reviewing and interpreting the results to avoid misunderstandings.
  • Work with a staffing agency to assist in the process. To that end, one of the best ways to improve your hiring process is to work with a local staffing service to assist. A staffing agency can handle all of the pre-screening, skills evaluations, references, and even personality assessments so you don’t have to. They will only submit the best candidates for an interview and let you decide who will be the best fit with your organization.

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