There has been a lot of information published about the generation in the workforce made up of professionals between the ages of 20 and 35. As baby boomers and Generation X workers begin to transition to other jobs or retirement, this new force in the marketplace is driving employee engagement in a whole new way. So, how can you tell if your millennial employees are happy in their jobs? Here are some things to consider, and how to increase their engagement.

  • Expectations exceed reality.
    There has been some discussion over the last several years that some young employees have a skewed vision of how employment works and their place in a corporation. This is most often visible when millennial employees demand unearned promotions or reject the idea of management altogether under the excuse that they are simply wired that way. While there is some wisdom to addressing these new modes of thinking, there isn’t always an easy way to transition directly from one to the other.
  • Addressing entitlement.
    This leads to an entitlement mentality among some younger employees. Many of them come from backgrounds where they were rarely told “no.” They were encouraged to do anything and everything they wanted, even falling into the trope of “everyone wins” in team competitions. Managers sometimes have a lot of work to do to help dispel these entitlement feelings in a corporation so everyone can cooperate in the most effective way possible.
  • Acknowledge the hidden struggle.
    All that being said, this mentality doesn’t come without a lot of internal conflict or turmoil. Young employees often aren’t equipped with the tools they need to succeed in businesses still managing under older systems. They may not be able to function entirely in these environments but lack the ability to decide how to make a change to a more suitable organization.
  • Offer a change or perspective.
    Finally, the best way to utilize the skills of these upcoming business superstars is to offer them a glimpse into a new perspective. You can neither change all of their habits nor expect them to adhere to all of yours, so work with the tools you have available. Give these struggling millennials an opportunity to apply their skills and personality types in your business in a new and creative way.

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