They say that the definition of insanity is doing the same things over and over again and expecting different results. The same has proven true in the workplace. Sometimes what we perceive as the issue isn’t the issue at all. When your workforce continues to have problems that appear unsolvable, it may be time to shift your focus toward management. Could that be what is causing these workforce concerns? Here are some things that could be the real source of the problem in your office.

  • No one is on the same page.
    If the company’s long-term goals are vastly different from the goals of your employees, it is highly unlikely that they are the core of the problem. It may be that you haven’t communicated the long-term goals clearly. If only one person is off script, that might an employee issue. But when it is everyone, look toward management.
  • Feedback is not provided.
    When management doesn’t communicate effectively with their staff, it can create another host of problems. But, it may be even more important to look at whether or not you’re getting any feedback from the staff on management. Radio silence is often a symptom of extreme dissatisfaction.
  • Feedback is not clear.
    Beyond a lack of feedback, unclear instructions can be just as devastating. If your employees are performing the tasks they think management is asking for but they are off track, it probably isn’t a simple misunderstanding. This means that feedback provided to them is too vague to be useful and can be easily misinterpreted.
  • Behavior from management is inconsistent.
    Erratic behavior doesn’t only happen when an employee is having problems on the job. When management is difficult to predict, your staff may act accordingly. They may not communicate, they may become despondent, or they may simply quit.
  • Everyone is managed the same way.
    Another challenge that bad managers often have is their inability to accept the differences between people on the job. Not everyone in the workplace has the same motivations or the same personality and to treat them identically misses their unique contributions. Without customized management, this could become a performance problem.

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