There is a lot to consider before accepting a job offer, but the clock starts ticking down as soon as you get the call from the potential employer. If you don’t jump at the job, they may offer it to someone else. But if you act too quickly, you could miss out on other opportunities that you’re waiting to hear about. How do you know what to do? It is important to consider these facts when reviewing that next customer service job offer. Let’s take a closer look.

  • Be honest with the hiring manager.
    When you receive the offer, talk to the hiring manager about any concerns that you may have. Don’t be demanding, just be honest and open. This conversation will go better if you handle it immediately than if you drag the process on. They can help you walk through the process so you are more comfortable making a decision.
  • Accept your hesitancy for what it is.
    If you find yourself hesitant to accept the job, ask yourself why? Does the salary meet your financial needs? Did you have concerns about the office environment or anyone you met? Are you uncertain if this is the job that will make you happy? If you’re not sure, there may be good reasons to take a step back.
  • Ask more questions.
    You don’t have to say yes to an offer immediately. Take this time to ask any questions you didn’t feel were fleshed out in the interview process. You should know things like the benefits structure, the hours or work from home potential, or all the other details. But if you don’t, you need to ask before you accept the offer.
  • Talk to the other managers.
    If you’re waiting on other job offers and that is what is causing you to hesitate, it is time to reach out to the other hiring managers and let them know. A job offer won’t be on the table forever, so contact these companies and let them know you’re considering another offer. Be honest with the company who has offered you the job as well.

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