Do you think your employee incentives are no longer effective? There are only so many personalized awards that one person can have on their desk. Exclusive parking, additional days off, and bonuses are great, but the unexpected reward can really pack a positive punch. Consider these five exciting perks to offer your top performers.

  1. On-Site Stress Reduction.
    Sometimes the best thing to fend off stress is to have a nice chair massage or a yoga class. Or maybe you just want to take a 20-minute nap. These are all things a company can have on-site for their staff. Hire a massage therapist to come in once a month. Employees can sign up for free, half-hour sessions. Or you can create a napping room with 20-minute timers, noise machines, aromatherapy defusers, and soft lighting.
  2. Summer Hours.
    Another great perk for some offices is the use of summer hours. For example, you may have half days on Fridays between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Or, you can offer your team a chance to work 4 10-hour days in exchange for one day off a week. This can be customized to fit your needs for office coverage to ensure that the work is still being completed.
  3. Life Coaching Services.
    Some of your employees may love to have a session with a life coach or mentor who can help them get past any blocks in their careers or personal lives. Most people won’t pay for these types of services on their own, but if they have free access to them they will likely take advantage.
  4. Adventure days.
    If you’re looking for something more challenging and more fun, consider giving your staff Adventure Days. These are approved days off so they can pursue some outdoor activity such as camping, zip lining, white water rafting, fishing or more. The list can be endless. This allows your staff to not only have days off but be able to get out in nature and recharge their personal batteries.
  5. Student loan debt relief.
    Of course, if you’re willing to invest some money into your staff you can gain a lot of loyalty by offering programs to help them pay their student loans. This is similar to tuition reimbursement programs, but your employees can take advantage of it for school they’ve already attended rather than paying for more education. Offer a percentage or a matching option.

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