In the 21st century, branding means something very different than it did just 20 or 30 years ago. Today, it isn’t enough to buy an ad in the newspaper or have a listing in the yellow pages. Today, the right company brand will depend almost entirely on internet presence, social media, and word of mouth. And what you do will not only attract customers, but it will also attract better candidates to your door when you have an open position. So how does this work? Use the following advice.

  • You will attract similar personality styles.
    You know that personality fit in your organization is as important, if not more, than the skills that someone brings to the table. Someone can have the perfect professional background, but if they are not comfortable in your office environment it won’t be a good match. When you have a good company brand and reputation, you will attract like-minded people to your organization. Consider companies like Google that have cultivated a very specific corporate personality and seek out others who believe in their mission to work for them. You can do the same thing on any scale with well-planned company branding.
  • You’ll base your value on more than money.
    When employees accept jobs solely based on the amount of money they make, they are then very likely to use this as the criteria for leaving your company as well. If you provide more value than just a strong salary, you’ll encourage employee loyalty. Once again, look at Google as an example. While you may not be able to replicate their personality, you can recognize it and immediately understand why people are drawn to work there. You can do something similar on any scale with your business by looking at the office environment and the additional perks and benefits you can offer.
  • Improved overall retention.
    Long term, building a better company brand and having the recognition and positive reputation will help you not only attract better candidates but keep the star players in your court. When employees are happy and engaged they aren’t likely to look toward the greener grass on the other side. In fact, they may find that the grass simply isn’t any greener anywhere else. Employees will not only want to work with your company but they will stay and they will become strong brand ambassador and company advocates for you to continue making good hiring decisions.

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