Going out for that next marketing job can be a harrowing experience. There is a lot of stressed involved when it comes to knowing if your resume is on point, your references are in check, and you can demonstrate the necessary skills to the potential employer. Preparing for the interview may be the most important step. You’ve already cleared the application hurdle, so the hiring manager sees something in your background that will help their company. Now it is your job to prove it to them.

Use these common questions to ace your next marketing assistant interview.

  • “Why do you like working here?”
    Get into the interviewer’s head a little. You probably already looked them up on LinkedIn, but what you can’t learn on social media is how someone is motivated. When you ask them about why they like what they do, they recognize that you are interested in learning more. It also shows them you want to know why they are successful in the industry.
  • “What is your company culture?”
    Everyone knows that they need to ask more detailed questions about the job duties and the expectations of the role. What few people consider is asking about the overall company culture. Ask about the environment, the dress code, the general attitude of people in the office. Ask where people go to lunch or what they do outside of the office for team-building experiences. All of these things will demonstrate that you’re a team player.
  • “How do you see this role developing?”
    A job seeker never wants to seem too eager to skip over this job to the next level, but it doesn’t hurt to be prepared. You will likely be asked about your own expectations in five-to-ten years, so why not ask about theirs? You want to know how they see this position evolving over time. What can you bring to the table to help it grow and continue to benefit the organization?
  • “What makes other people successful here?
    Lastly, you want to know what makes other new hires successful in the company. Ask about the people who have been there the longest and find out what makes them motivated. Find out how they are rewarded for their work. Find out the ways in which they contribute. The more you know about what makes a successful employee in their environment, the better you can adjust your own expectations to fit the job requirements.

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