Office managers are often the glue holding everyone in an office together. You will deal with individuals at a variety of levels within the company, as well as clients and customers. If you’re looking for an office manager position, it is not only critical to demonstrate your professional experience but to showcase your soft skills. Here are the most important soft skills you must include on your office manager resume.


It may go without saying that you should highlight your ability to communicate, but the real art is in exactly how you do it. You want to demonstrate that you have not only a grasp on interpersonal, verbal communication but also strong written skills. The resume itself becomes your tool, as well as a well-crafted cover letter.


Some companies also refer this as a “self-starter.” What you want to show is that you take initiative without being asked. You can demonstrate this in your descriptions of your previous accomplishments. For example, if you created an organizational system make sure you pointed out that you assessed a need before it became a large concern.

Time management

Office managers will have a lot of responsibilities, but the same hours in the day as everyone else. Time management skills are critical. Can you do the work that is necessary within established time frames? Can you work with tight deadlines? Can you reduce the time to complete some tasks allowing you and your staff to be able to accomplish more in less time? Have you done this before?


Speaking of your staff, an office manager also has to work with a number of people from every level of the company. That means collaboration is far more important than competition. Learning how to work with others is critical, and encouraging others to participate in team activities is also important. Showcase team activities from your past.

Problem solving

An office manager is also the person responsible for any and all problems within the office. In fact, it may be a good idea to learn how to solve problems before they even happen. Show on your resume that you have been a problem solver. Don’t just suggest that you can solve problems, but give specific examples. Remember, the first problem you would solve for an employer is filling an open position that needs an experienced office manager. Be the solution to their problem.

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