The winter blues may be more serious than we always thought. It is easy to understand why the cold days of January and February can get us down, but that also means we have to be diligent about mental health during this time. When your employees are down this time of year, do you have a responsibility to ensure that they have a happy and healthy workplace to come to each day? Here are some ways you can help your team beat the winter blues this year.

Create Mental Health Education Programs.

The best way to know how to solve seasonal depression is to be armed with information. If you create a mental health education program for your staff, you can help them better understand what they are experiencing. Partner with a local clinic or mental health professional who can come in and present on the topic and help individuals find the right solutions for themselves.

Provide Resources for Managing Mental Health.

Another solution is to provide resources that can help your staff manage their mental health. Provide flex time for therapy and doctor’s appointments so they can attend these sessions during regular work hours. Provide spaces in your office that can help promote positive mental health, such as sun lamps or break spaces. Allow your staff to provide suggestions that will help them better cope with seasonal blues.

Ensure That Your Workplace is Stress Free.

Workplace stress is a big factor for unhealthy living regardless of the season. But stress can impact someone more if they are already suffering from seasonal depression. Make sure that you are creating an environment that will alleviate stress, rather than pile it on. Help them maintain a stronger work-life balance so they can be fresh and ready to work while in the office.

Encourage Positivity in Your Environment.

Finally, make sure that your office space is positive. This can be as simple as transitioning the wall color from gray to a more sunny yellow. Utilize spaces that have exposure to natural light. Provide healthy snacks rather than vending machines with candy or soda. Bring in a yoga teacher or a meditation practitioner to help teach positive techniques to your team.

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