Confidence is important. Many recruiters and hiring managers will suggest that a confident candidate without the exact skills will still win a job over a competent candidate who doesn’t believe in themselves. Confidence in your job search is essential for landing the right opportunity. So how do you boost your job search confidence and make sure that you’re presenting yourself in the best way possible? Here are some inside tips:

  • Have a confident posture.

    You remember when your mom or your teachers told you to sit up straight? While good spine health was the primary motivation for this demand, there is a lot more to it. Straightening your back and pushing your shoulders not only makes you look more confident but also helps you feel more confident. Practice your posture before meeting with a potential employer.

  • Repeat a positive mantra.

    Positive affirmations may sound ridiculous, but they are psychologically sound. Before you go to the interview, look at yourself in the mirror and share some positive words of wisdom to help you. If you find yourself becoming negative or losing confidence in yourself, repeat the words back to you. A good, basic, mantra is “I can do this!” But you can be creative. Find an easy way to remember motivational quotes that speak to you.

  • Review kind and nice things.

    Your teachers and parents probably told you often to believe in yourself. Like your posture, this wasn’t just lip service. If you believe in the positive contributions you’ve made, you’re going to be more confident overall when talking to a potential employer. Before the interview, look at your references to read nice things others have said about you. Look at old letters or anything else you’ve kept that makes you feel warm and happy about yourself.

  • Dress to impress.

    Lastly, what you wear is as important as how you carry yourself in an interview. If your clothes don’t make you feel good, you won’t be confident. Like the style, the color, and the way it fits you. Feel comfortable in your own skin and you’ll radiate confidence in an interview. Keep your clothes simple with few accessories, but if you have a tie clip or a necklace that makes you feel happy, wear it.

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