Before you make that job offer, how do you know this candidate is the right person for the job? A bad hire can cost your company time and money. Knowing how to look for warning signs that indicate an administrative assistant isn’t all they appear on the surface is important. Here are some red flags to look for to help you make better hiring decisions.

Resume Spelling and Grammar Mistakes

An administrative assistant job is one that relies on attention to detail. So their resume will tell you a lot about how they approach this. If they have multiple, easy to spot errors in spelling or grammar, they may not be a good fit for your organization.

Poor Body Language

Body language is also a tell-tale sign of their confidence and ability. This role will be in touch with a lot of people from all levels of your organization, so if they use timid body language, they may not be suited to your business. Overly arrogant body language can also be a red flag.

Important Information Missing

Are they lying by omission? Did they leave out an entire job from their resume or information that would be critical to helping you decide to hire them? If you spot glaring omissions in their information, ask them to clarify. If they can’t, or are unwilling to, this could be a bad sign.

Negative Attitude

Positivity is also a necessary trait for a competent administrative assistant. Do they lean more toward negative forms of communication? When asked why they left their last job, did they focus too much on their co-workers and management, and not enough on themselves?

Unprofessional Attire

Conventional wisdom tells job seekers to dress for the job they want. Erring on the side of professional dress for an interview is a sign that they are taking the process seriously. While you don’t have to see someone in a formal suit, did they go too casual? Is this in line with your office culture?

Unable to Provide References

If your candidate won’t provide references, this is a pretty big warning sign. They should be able to give you names and phone numbers of previous managers or co-workers, but if they can’t there may be a good reason for this.

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