Some people just assume that a feeling of being overwhelmed comes with the territory in a professional job. But that doesn’t need to be the case. When you’re in the market for a new job, you can demonstrate one of the most valued but underrepresented skills in today’s workplace. If you are good at managing your workload and maintaining a sense of calm on the job, share this with a potential employer and show them the benefits of hiring someone who doesn’t work in a state of panic. Here are some ways to make the right impression.

Emphasize Your Organizational Skills.

The ability to maintain your cool and not get stressed on the job comes down to two types of organizational skills: Time and materials. If you can demonstrate your ability to stay organized, this will be a huge bonus to your potential employer. They would rather hire someone with proven skills in this department than risk hiring an individual who will quickly become overwhelmed. To do this, showcase your organizational skills in your resume’s accomplishments section.

Answer Behavioral Questions with Examples.

Many employers will utilize behavioral interview techniques. This will usually start with the phrase, “tell me about a time when…” The best ways to approach these questions is with a narrative. Tell the story of a time when your organizational skills helped you excel in the situation you’ve been presented. Storytelling helps engaged the listener and will make them better understand your experience and how you manage your workload.

Show How You Can Delegate Important Tasks.

Another skill to focus on when it comes to workload management strategies is delegation. So many people get caught up in the idea that if they don’t do something it either doesn’t get done right or they are not showing value to their employer. But the opposite is entirely true. By delegating important tasks to others, it shows that you know how to assign tasks based on individual talent and ability.

Demonstrate That You Keep Your Cool Under Stress.

Workload management really comes down to how you deal with stress in the workplace. That’s not to say you will never experience stress, but if you know how to manage it you will be better off. Tell your interviewer about a time where you felt stress in the workplace and what you did to alleviate it. You may take a break and come back to the problem with a fresh vision. Or you may find that sticking to a schedule helps you stay calm when you’re busy.

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