Looking for a job can quickly become a frustrating endeavor. There are a lot of moving parts and when you don’t hear back or don’t make it past the first round, it can be devastating. If you’re feeling a little uncertain about your job search, there are some things you can do to spice things up and help you find your next job opportunity. Use these tips to give your search a boost.

Rework Your Resume

Now is the time to work and rework your resume. Can you improve the overall format to make it easier to find the most important information? What kind of accomplishments can you showcase to make a company interested in talking with you about their open position? Review it for mistakes, because even the best resume will be rejected if there are critical errors in grammar or spelling.

Give Yourself a Deadline

You will need to speak with many professionals along the way. You may have to network or conduct phone and in-person interviews. Remain in control by giving yourself a time limit for each communication opportunity. You can evaluate how the conversation is going and choose to extend it, but you can also thank them for their time and walk away if you don’t feel like you’ll have anything to gain from the experience.

Learn About Their Process

Never leave an interview without finding out where they are in the process. How long has this job been open? Why are they looking for a new employee in this role? How many other interviews have they had? When do they expect to make a decision? All of this information can inform how you approach the remainder of the interview and following up afterward.

Ask for the Job

Finally, to drive home the conversation, don’t forget to ask for the job. Many job seekers forget this part, but it can be the moment that the interviewer makes their decision, even if they don’t let you know right away. Tell them you are interested in the job and you want to work for them. Share with them why you want to work for their company rather than their competition.

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