If you’ve been looking for a job longer than you expected, you may be feeling frustration creeping in. Searching for a job is hard work, and it can feel harder when you’re facing rejection or an extended period of unemployment. But this feeling of frustration can really impede your ability to land a new job if you let it affect you. Here are a few tips to keep frustration at bay and not allow it to negatively impact your search.

Get Excited About Something

If you’re feeling frustrated by your job search, take some time off to pursue something you really love. It doesn’t have to be a year sabbatical, but even a weekend doing a crafting project or building project or some other hobby that gets you engaged and excited will help you approach your job search refreshed and renewed. You can also take up a hobby that you can intersperse with your job search.

Associate with Positive People

Negativity is contagious and if you spend time with more negative than positive people, it can quickly rub off onto your attitude. So make an effort to focus on building relationships with positive people. These are individuals who, as friends, can help build you up rather than tear you down. Find a mentor who can positively help you in your career search as well.

Volunteer Your Time

Did you know there are provable health benefits to volunteering in your community? If you use your skills to help others, there will be plenty of tangible rewards. And it can make you feel active and engaged again. On top of that, there are some added benefits. For instance, you may find your networking skills expanding by getting out into the community and meeting others with similar values.

Stay Active with Exercise

Physical activity to stay healthy is critical whether you’re working or looking for work. Taking your mind off the search while you focus on your exercise can help you approach the rest of your day with better energy, much like taking on a hobby. There are plenty of long-term benefits to a regular exercise routine.

Create a Routine

Speaking of routine, exercise isn’t the only regular task you’ll benefit from. To renew your energy with your job search, create a routine to help you focus. Experts have long suggested that treating your job search like a full-time job will help you stay focused. Wake up at the same time every day. Shower and dress like you would if you were going to the office. Then focus for an hour at a time, while taking plenty of breaks, to stay motivated in your search.

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