As the tides of history wax and wane, so does the balance of power in the job market. For a while, companies had the upper hand, especially in the time right after the recession. Today, that dichotomy is flipping and finding the best talent on the market can be complex and difficult, and referred to as a war by many HR professionals. Here are some of the ways you can be ready to battle for the best talent in your industry and area.

Think of Creative Solutions

What ways can you reach out to talented individuals in your community that your competition hasn’t thought of yet? Can you have a virtual job fair on Twitter and encourage local talent to submit their resumes? Can you offer incentives that are above and beyond what’s expected in the American workplace? Think of out-of-the-box solutions to a common problem and you can tap into an entirely new source of talent.

Consider Hiring for Potential

For a while right after the recession, companies were emphatic about ensuring their candidates checked exactly the right boxes to be considered for employment. They had to have every single possible skill. It was a way to ensure unqualified people didn’t apply when the market was saturated. However, that’s changed now. And rather than focusing on specific skills, consider looking at the potential and ability to learn.

Focus on Employee Retention

One of the best ways to win the war for talent is to make sure that your current staff is happy, engaged, satisfied, and loyal. Focusing on retention can help you keep your best and brightest employed rather than looking for their next break. Today, employees are looking for flexible schedules, the ability to innovate, trust from managers, and career development.

Build a Talent Pipeline

You should also know how to tap into local talent when necessary and that comes from building a talent pipeline. For instance, whenever you receive an unsolicited resume, file it away rather than tossing it. You can go back to this resource when you do need an employee. Referral programs can also help source top candidates. And, of course, you should be partnering with a local staffing agency who can help you when the need arises.

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