If you’re ever wondering whether the differences between the generations in the workforce is truly a big deal, you might want to read this post. Millennials, for better or worse, are very different from their baby boomer and Generation X counterparts, especially in the office. How important is it to understand their motivations? Very important, as it turns out. So why does it matter and what can you do about it? Let’s take a closer look.

The Effects of Poor Work-Life Balance

For the last two generations in the workplace, time off was often seen as a sign of weakness. People felt concerned that if they left their job for any amount of time, their employer would determine they were replicable. This toxic attitude has led to higher stress levels and work-related health problems. But millennials have seen beyond this, and are expecting a better work-life balance. The truth is, this new attitude is helpful for everyone.

Helicopter Parents and Their Long-Term Influence

One challenge many employers have when it comes to millennials is the attachment to their parents. Parents had a different relationship than, for instance, the Generation X latch-key kids. But that doesn’t mean you have to tolerate it when a millennial brings their mom to the interview. Though that example is extreme, keep in mind how the helicopter parent can influence the performance of your millennial employee.

Understanding Technology While Not Understanding It

Millennials are known for being a generation raised with technology. They have had an iPhone in their hands since they were big enough to hold one. But just because they can navigate these devices doesn’t mean they understand how the technology works. You can’t assume your millennial employee is a tech guru unless they really have a background in technology.

An Entrepreneurial Mindset in a Traditional Job

Finally, you should also know that a millennial will generally approach any job with the mindset of an entrepreneur. They thrive on innovation and individual challenges. They like group projects and collaboration. These are all things that make entrepreneurs great, but millennials are employing these skills in the most traditional of jobs.

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