There is a lot of information today about artificial intelligence and neural networks. So what do you need to know as a business, especially in such a manufacturing and automation-heavy job environment like the Detroit area? Before you make any decisions for your business and technology, let’s take a closer look at the current trends and how they’re changing the way companies hire.

Developing New Skills

The fear among employees, especially in manufacturing positions, is that the rise of AI will eliminate the types of jobs that previously required the analytical skills of employees. The truth is, AI will create a new type of opportunity. Individuals with tech skills will be in high demand to run the programs and ensure the safety of the processes and procedures.

Additional Opportunities for Technology

If an individual is interested in pursuing a career path in artificial intelligence, there are some basics to start with. Math, experience with neural nets, physics, engineering and robotics, computer science, programming languages and coding and cognitive science theory are all the building blocks of these careers.

Data Presentation Jobs

You may have heard of Big Data, but there is one important piece to the puzzle that is often overlooked. To effectively use big data, companies need trained analysts. And trained analysts must understand how to present the data they uncover. To do so, you need intense focus, no distractions, pristine presentation skills, and the ability to help others visualize the data.

Presenting Adaptable Skills

Throughout all of this, the key skill that weaves between all of these possibilities is the need to be adaptable. Without the skills to adapt to a changing environment, finding a new job in the advanced manufacturing world that embraces artificial intelligence and robotics will be nearly impossible. Employees need to demonstrate adaptability now, regardless of their expertise. They need to show their current bosses that they’re ready to take their career to the next level and learn new things.

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