Rossana R.

  • Rossana just moved to Michigan
  • She is a sharp and extremely polished customer service professional who is also fully fluent in both Spanish & English.
  • She self-describes as efficient, positive and resourceful.

Caitlin F.

  • Caitlin began as a pre-law student but recently earned a Master’s degree in Human Resource Management because that’s where she’s most passionate.
  • She recently completed a paid internship where she gained experience and knowledge in 4 different HR disciplines (Employment & Recruitment, Training & Development, Benefits Administration & Team/Employee Relations)
  • She self-describes collected under pressure, deadline-driven and efficient.

Joslyn I.

  • Joslyn has a strong history in the clerical field and is adamant about exceeding personal and company expectations
  • She self-describes as detail-oriented, dependable and professional.