The workforce is always changing. And today, with baby boomers starting their retirement process, many millennials are taking on management roles as the new largest population in the American workforce. So with millennials in management, can this generational successful manage other millennials? If you’re looking to ensure your team is run effectively and efficiently, here are some things to keep in mind.

Pay Attention to Your Surroundings

Paying attention isn’t about gossiping or trying to find out what others think about you. But it’s important to make sure you’re keep your finger on the pulse of what’s going on in the office. Rumblings can turn into so much more if you’re not diligent, so stay on top of things and take action when necessary.

Pitch In When Needed (But Not Always!)

Employees do like it when their managers are willing to step in and help out when needed. But keep in mind that this toes the line between helpful management and micromanagement. If you find yourself wanting to do all the work because you’re worried it’s not being done right, it may be time to step back.

Enable Growth and Development

Just like you, the other millennials on your team are interested in long term growth and career development. And there is no reason you can’t provide this encouragement without feeling like you’re replacing yourself. Give your team ample opportunity to learn new things and take on new responsibilities.

Establish Clear Expectations

Some of the older generations believe that communication is a challenge for millennials. However, the truth is, millennials have just figured out ways to do it. When you’re communicating to your team, make sure you are clear with your expectations. Make sure you establish the goals and the processes to get you there.

Promote Work-Life Balance

Finally, as a millennial manager you have a chance to make a real difference in today’s corporate culture. Millennials are known for wanting better work/life balance. So what better way to leave a mark on your company that to work with the higher ups to create programs that help maximize your employees overall job satisfaction and give them the flexibility they want.

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