Many people look for new jobs in Detroit while they’re still employed. There are many reasons why this might be the best avenue to take as a job seeker. It could be a matter of moving locations or simply that you’re dissatisfied with your current role. But should you use your current employer as a job reference while you’re looking? The answer really depends on the circumstances, so let’s take a closer look. Read on to uncover whether you should use your current employer as a reference when looking for jobs in Detroit.

Situation Specific

One of the ways to determine if you should use your current employer is to apply a little common sense. Is your employer aware that your circumstances are changing, such as a move to another city? If so, ask them for permission to provide their name as a reference. If you’re searching for a job while still employed and haven’t let anyone know, definitely don’t advertise. Don’t even disclose it to a co-worker you feel is trustworthy.

All About Timing

What you can do is tell the potential employer that you would be happy to let them contact your current employer once you have an offer. You can then provide other references from your past professional experience to help them make the decision, but most companies understand that working candidates may be in a precarious position while they search for a job

Be Honest

In this way, be honest with your potential employer. They understand and would want their own employees to treat them the same way. Let them know that you would need to provide a notice to your current company, and once you do that they can contact them. Be honest with them about why you’re looking for a new position, but keep it positive. Rather than tell them about issues with your supervisor, let them know that you’re looking for a different company culture.

Work With an Agency

Working with a recruiter to help you find a new job can also help you navigate the reference process. Your recruiter has seen every possible situation, so don’t be afraid to tell them about what’s happening in your current job. They can handle most of your references prior to submitting you to a client, and be honest with their client about the final reference left outstanding.

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