If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to start a new human resources job in 2018, what can you do to ensure that you’re starting off on the right foot? A new HR job right here in Michigan can put you in a great position for your career. There are some tips that can help you on your first day, through your first week, and throughout your new role at this new southeast Michigan company. Here is how to kick off your new HR job the right way.

Be the solution to problems.

You were hired for one reason and one reason alone. The company felt that your specific skills could help them solve problems in their department. This may not have been a conscious choice, but that is always the underlying reason for any hire. So approach your new position in a solutions-oriented way. Be helpful, have a service attitude, and determine the pain points you can answer.

Be a partner in your training.

Your training experience will depend a lot on how your new employer approaches this process. They may believe that you already have the skills, so you can “hit the ground running,” as they say. But there will be things that you don’t know and can’t know from past experience. So be a partner in your own training. Ask for clarification and take initiative.

Learn the company culture.

The one thing you can’t have prior experience with is the overall company culture and office environment. Even if your new employer doesn’t start with an orientation into company culture, this will be extremely important to your success in HR. Take it upon yourself to learn as much as you can about the culture and the personalities that make up the company.

Be intuitive and attentive.

A big part of a successful HR career is intuition and attentiveness. You are there to make everyone’s job easier, ensure that people get along, and try to solve problems before they get out of control. Sometimes you can stop small problems from exploding if you pay attention to what’s going on in the office around you.

Make the right impression.

Lastly, starting a new HR job is all about making the right impression. You want to be trusted by everyone in the company at all levels, from executives to laborers. Being approachable, professional, friendly, and helpful will help you build the right rapport with everyone in the office environment.

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