We get it. Working in a data entry job can sometimes feel thankless and frustrating. But when your manager presents you with criticism about the work you’ve done, how are you supposed to react? It’s normal to be defensive, but it’s healthier to take a step back and learn to interpret and apply constructive criticism, no matter how it’s stated.

Here are six practical tips for handling criticism in your data entry job.

Don’t React Immediately

Its human nature to be defensive if someone says something critical. But don’t respond right away. Your response may be knee-jerk and inappropriate for the specific feedback. Take some time to process what was said before you fire back.

Think About the Benefits

Take some time to consider the feedback from a neutral place. What kinds of benefits could you have if you take this advice and apply it to your work? What could you achieve if you were able to see past the criticism and took this advice to heart?

Listen Well

Another mistake we often make is to listen only with the intention to respond. As soon as someone starts to offer criticism, we shut down and think about our rebuttal. Don’t do this. Listen and absorb.

Thank Them

Make sure you thank them for their advice. No matter how you intend to apply it, they were only trying to be helpful. Thanking them and being gracious is the best reaction and will encourage further communications.

Ask Questions

If you have questions about their advice, don’t be afraid to ask. But do avoid sounding passive aggressive or defensive in your tone. Ask them to clarify statements or give you ideas for the future.

Schedule a Follow Up

Finally, depending on who had made the criticism, ask them to schedule a time to follow up. Let them know that you’ve taken their advice seriously and would like to take some time to work on it. Follow up to see how you’re doing.

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