Once the intense summer heat hits in waves, many companies aren’t thinking about employee health and wellness programs in the same sense they do during the winter when the flu is prevalent and indoor air spreads illness around like wildfire. But summer is actually the perfect time to consider the ways you can improve your employee health and wellness programs. The strategy you apply will affect the way your team understands and utilizes healthy services your company may offer. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Clinics and Classes

Everyone in your office is looking for a break over the summer. So if you want to keep productivity on point, offering distractions to refresh and renew can be a huge benefit. For example, you can bring wellness instructors in for company-wide meetings or lunchtime classes. These could be on topics like healthy eating, stress management, or even yoga or tai chi demonstrations. And you can’t make these programs mandatory, but you can provide incentives for attending.

Rewards and Incentives

In terms of incentives, you can use them to push your wellness initiatives throughout the office in a fun and productive way. A rewards program for meeting health goals can really boost participation in your office, and summertime is the best time to get these things started. Many companies have success with rewards to help employees quit smoking. Or some have weight-loss programs so the team can have both competition and a support system while they shed those unwanted pounds.

Stress and Mental Health

Stress in the workplace is the cause of many health problems including health disease and the risk for stroke. As a company owner or manager, it’s on you to provide an environment that is good for mental health as well as supportive of physical health. Stress leads to problems like insomnia, overeating, and even more concerning behaviors like alcohol or drug use. Pay attention to mental wellness when determining your programs.

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